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Thread: What does it mean to be "going strong" with nursing at age one?

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    So you co-sleep, or does your baby nurse at night? Because this is probably the feeding that will go on the longest.
    I also work during the day, so the 5x a day is when we're together. Otherwise, it's usually 3-4x a day (once early morning, 2x after we get home, and often once overnight) and then two bottles at daycare.

    We don't co-sleep, but she still often nurses once during the night and/or early morning.

    I have been offering to nurse often (at least every two hours) in our quiet spot, but she has regularly been really clear that she's not interested (which can be somewhat frustrating for me). This has been especially true this weekend -- we're at the grandparents' house and there are lots of people around. She just doesn't want to miss the action. Before and after naps seems to be the only time I can get her interested. Still, we've been able to keep up at least 4x a day.

    It's good to hear that others have had an ebb and flow with nursing after one. Right now, it seems like she's working on so much -- feeding herself, walking, learning new signs -- nursing seems to be far from the top of her priority list! I know that will change (intellectually, at least), but your posts help me to believe it a little bit more.

    Thanks again for all of your posts!

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    Default Re: What does it mean to be "going strong" with nursing at age one?

    I went through this when my DD was your DD's age. I stressed about it quite a bit - and felt like I was forcing her to nurse. She was nursing 3-4 times a day after one years old and she stopped night nursing around that time too.
    I went back to work when she was 14 mo. and her nursing picked up a little bit (I think b/c she missed me ) But then it dropped again. Some days she'll nurse well only once or twice now - but there are other days where she will nurse several times. If she's not feeling well, she'll nurse all night long. I finally just decided to let it be what it was and stop stressing. That has helped me to enjoy our nursing relationship more.

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