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Thread: OALD on Left Breast Only

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    Smile OALD on Left Breast Only

    I have OALD, but only on my left breast. Even if my right side becomes very full, my son (6weeks) will drain it with no problem. However, it takes 2-3 nursing sessions to get the left breast completely drained because he doesn't nurse as long and becomes fussy. I would like to even out the supply, but I'm not sure that block feeding will work for me since I'm only full on one side. Am I wrong? Any suggestions are appreciated!

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    I have no advice but the exact same problem. My left side is so engorged in the mornings, I pumped 6 ounces in 4 minutes this morning - it was just spraying and spraying. I can't feed her off that side in the morning (she's 7 weeks old) because it just drowns her - but my left side is not producing enough to fill her up either. I'm not sure what to do!

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