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Thread: Extra Milk?

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    I never thought this would happen, I am making a ton of milk. I had issues with not enough and now I make over 6 oz, which it all the bottle will hold, so I stop pumping. I get 8 to 10 oz in the morning, I have a two day supply of freash milk in the fridge and am building a large supply in the freeze. She isn't eating very much at the moment and I don't what to pump less. I pump and a hour later I feel full again. I'm not sure what I should do. I thought about donating the extra, but not sure how or if I can.
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    There are milk banks and milkshare.

    I called a local birthing center to find someone who needed milk in my town.

    Good for you for considering donation!

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    Some moms buy a dedicated freezer for their extra milk. Chest freezers tend to be pretty cheap and hold a lot! If you keep on making as much milk as you are right now, then you can think about donating the extra. If your supply decreases, you'll be glad you had that stash.

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