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Thread: when to start???

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    My little boy will be 6 months in a few days and I was wondering when do I introduce rice cereal to him? So if you could please help me with what age? How much? Before or after breast feeding? Is it better to mix it with breast milk? how often to feed it to him? etc. Pretty much what I need to know because even though I have been through this once my mind has seemed to block out the knowledge since my older son in on normal table food lol. Thank you.

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    I started giving solids at about 6.5 months...but that I feel is a personal preference...I felt we were both ready.
    I always fed solids after nursing to ensure that she got my milk first...I basically treated the cereal as a supplement to my milk not a replacement. I think I just followed the box directions...a few tablespoons at first, then a little more each day. I only gave her solids once a day for a while. I don't remember when I started more feedings...but the website below has a schedule you can follow. I mixed the cereal with breastmilk but you can use water or formula too. Just a note, the rice cereal will thin during a feeding with breastmilk...the milk breaks it down, but I do not think it does that with other cereals.

    Here is a website with more info:

    Hope this helps! (I too am having to remind myself of all the information I have forgotten from my first...crazy how you just forget!)
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    If your LO is able to sit up well on his own without support, seems eager to try food and is interested in what you're eating and has developed a good pincer grasp, then he is probably ready.

    When I started solids, I added breastmilk to everything, just to help ease my LO into it. I would start with just a small amount, and after BF'ing. See how he likes it and go from there.

    You might also want to try bananas, avocados and sweet potatos soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*doglover1984 View Post
    when do I introduce rice cereal to him?
    Lots of moms start at 6 months. But rice cereal isn't a de rigeur first food- it's fortified with vitamins and minerals which is a plus, but other than that it's just pure starch. Not the healthiest stuff in some regards! If you prefer, you can start with something else, like pureed vegetables or fruits or even soft table foods. You also might want to search for threads on the baby-led solids approach, which a lot of moms here use. It's a much easier option than spoon feeding for many of us.

    How much?
    A few teaspoonfuls a day? Some babies eat a lot more than that, and many babies eat a lot less. According to my pediatrician, until the first birthday solids are just for experimenting with new tastes, textures, and motor skills, and are not necessary for nutrition.

    Before or after breast feeding?
    After. Until a year, your goal should be to maximize breastmilk intake, with solids as a fun game and a supplement to a majority-breastmilk diet. After the first birthday, you can start offering solids whenever you want.

    Is it better to mix it with breast milk?
    Sure, if you have it to spare! Again, the goal is to maximize breastmilk intake, and if mixing cereal with breastmilk helps you do that, great!

    how often to feed it to him? etc.
    Start with 1x per day, just for fun. As time goes on and your LO gets more interested in food, you can start adding solid food experiences into his day.

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    If you're interested in baby led solids this is a great article for getting started. I found it so much easier than the usual cereals and purees method and it works especially well with breastfed babies who are already used to regulating their own intake.
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    thank you for the info but what is baby led???? and do they have to be able to sit on there own and all that before you start on food?

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