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Thread: Advocado blues

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    Default Advocado blues

    My DS has been on solids for a month now. I've been dying to give him advocado as I know it's supposed to be a great first food. He just had it yesterday and today had a terrible time pooping. He strained alot and there were solid chunks in his stool... has anyone had this kind of reaction with Advocado? Should I try it again tomorrow? My instinct tells me to just give him something I know he is fine with and maybe try advocado again some other time...
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    Default Re: Advocado blues

    I always thought avocados were a good source of nutritous calories and fats, how old is your LO? Maybe it was too much too soon?

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    Default Re: Advocado blues

    My DD was fine with avocado from the start. Maybe he just ate too much of it? Are you spoon feeding or doing BLS?

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    They will not digest much of what they eat at first, it will go right through and come out recognizable. Did you let him feed himself or did you put it in his mouth? How did you present it to him?

    There is no reason you couldn't try something else instead and go back to it.

    My girl grunts every time she poos now and looks flush, but everything seems to come out alright, no constipation. THey are still learning their muscles, and remember this is the first time they had any significant texture in their guts to have to push out. Hopefully they are chomping up whatever they eat so that it isn't painful, if the chunks are large (of whatever) I would look at how you are presenting and see if you could try another approach that would result in smaller pieces in the tummy.
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