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    I have a slightly embarassing question...

    First, my LO is 8 months old (today!) and we are still pretty much only BF'ing. The problem is I've let my right breast almost dry up b/c I've used the other one WAY too much. I went back to pumping that side to try to increase the volume.

    I pumped after he was first born for a couple of months and had no problems. Now, it hurts to pump! What changed? (And this is the weird part...) The pump is almost sucking more than my nipple in the part. So, when I am done it looks like my nipple is HUGE because it sucked the areola (sp?) into the part. This might be a silly question, but does this mean I just need a smaller part (sorry, i forget the name of the specific parts)? I just don't understand. I had NO problems with pumping at all when he was born. Very weird!

    Thanks so much!!
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    Not embarrassing at all

    your breasts could have definitely changed size in the last six months I think the part you're referring to is the flange, and yes, they come in a number of sizes Can you see a Lactation Consultant? They might be able to fit you for a new flange, and she can also check to ensure that your pump is working properly

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    Do not be embarrassed...this happened to me as well once my supply evened out. Around 6weeks it just started hurting when I pumped and my nipple looked different. I was totally confused because not only had I not had issues up to that point but it hurt and I wasn't sure if I needed a larger flange or a smaller one. Even though it was a tight fit, I it was pulling in too much of the areola because the flange was actually too big. I talked to the lactation consultant where I delivered and she gave me a set of larger flanges..and I ordered smaller ones just incase the bigger ones didn't work and because I am so stinkin' impatient. The smaller ones where the ones that ended up working out. And for a short time, on one side/breast I actually had to change flange sizes mid pumping session. (the LC helped me with that decision too) but now I just use the smaller than average flange the entire session. Using the wrong size led me to an issue with vasospasm (ouch). Also like prior post said, the LC can also check and make sure the pump is working correctly and that the suction is not too strong. Good Luck!!
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