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Thread: My 13-month-old hates solids. Need help with a picky eater!

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    Default My 13-month-old hates solids. Need help with a picky eater!

    We introduced solids with my 13-month-old when he was 7-months starting with avocado. From the get go, he has rejected everything. There doesn't seem to be any difficulties with his gag reflex, but perhaps a big of a texture/color issue. Sometimes he literally won't touch food put in front of him. He also will not drink out of a sippy (although he does know how to use one). He has never used bottles - always straight from the tap. The few things that he will eat (albeit inconsistently) include banana, tomato, beans, and corn chex (not very healthy). He will eat blueberries without abandon, but these give him diaper rash. New things we are going to try are: wild rice tempeh (he has previously rejected another variety so I don't have much hope for this), lentil soup, spelt cakes, and a dessert made of quinoa.

    I don't know how to deal with a picky eater - especially one so young! I've tried making meals look pretty (different shapes, etc.). My husband and I have attempted to make eating look fun and delicious. We usually eat fairly healthy, and enjoy trying new foods, but DS seems to hate everything. I am at a loss as to what to do, and it concerns me greatly because I feel like he's not getting enough nutrition (even though his diet is 98% breastmilk). His weight has fallen from the 90 percentile to the 50th - which is partly due to how active he is, but also because he's not eating!

    Any advice and encouragement will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: My 13-month-old hates solids. Need help with a picky eater!

    It sounds like you are doing everything exactly right! And believe it or not, your kid's solid food diet actually sounds quite healthy. He's eating starch, and veggies, and fruit. You haven't caved in to offering him junk food.

    According to my pediatrician, breastmilk provides for all of a baby's nutritional needs until they turn one. After the first birthday, solids begin to be an important part of their diet- but the quantity of solids a child eats can be very small at first. It's not like the baby goes to sleep on day 364 needing only mama's milk and wakes up on day 365 needing 3 full meals of solids per day!

    At 13 months, my kid was still pretty much 100% breastfed. But at 14-15 months she all of a sudden discovered solids, and never looked back. Your kid will, too! Just keep offering him a variety of healthy solids and eventually he's going to get into it.

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    Default Re: My 13-month-old hates solids. Need help with a picky eater!

    I think all kids are different. My daughter at 9 months couldnt stop eating any solid you put in front of her. She still is an eating machine, my poor wallet

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    Default Re: My 13-month-old hates solids. Need help with a picky eater!

    My daughter was the same way - until a couple weeks ago. Now she will eat a lot (for her). I think it just takes time. We offer food at least 5 times a day, balanced snacks/meals every time and she eats what she wants and throws the rest to the dog.

    Your breastmilk has more calories per ounce than most foods, so don't worry that he isn't gaining because he's not eating solids.

    And I agree with mommal - just offer healthy choices and if he wants to eat it, he can, and if not - he won't.

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    Default Re: My 13-month-old hates solids. Need help with a picky eater!

    I'd concentrate on finding a protein that he likes, since I imagine you are trying to have solids be the majority of his diet. What have you tried besides tempeh? DS is crazy for veggie burgers.

    Also, don't be afraid of trying stuff that has flavor; people think we are nuts for giving DS Indian food (not the really spicy kind, but it has some zing), but he loves it and it gets him to eat some veggies, which he generally doesn't like.
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