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Thread: Yet another "ped pushing foods at 6 months" thread

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    Default Re: Yet another "ped pushing foods at 6 months" thread

    The Peach, where do those recommendations come from? I have not heard them. I would like to read them. I believe in cereal, but not stuffing! You offer only a couple of tablespoons at first, and only if the baby opens his mouth and seems ready. They need plenty of time to become used to a new way of eating. I agree with you completely about the tongue thrust reflex. If you are spending a lot of time scraping the food back off their chin, they aren't ready.

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    Default Re: Yet another "ped pushing foods at 6 months" thread

    Here's some good info. on complementary feeding.


    Page 11 talks about iron

    Pages 14- talk about good complementary foods

    Page 17 talks about problems with staple foods - such as cereal

    Pages 20-23 talk about foods from animals and why meat is a good choice for first foods.

    Hope this helps some of you!
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    Default Re: Yet another "ped pushing foods at 6 months" thread

    Turkey was my DD's first food. Then avocado. Then beef. She has always LOVED meat

    I personally don't see the value in rice cereal. It has been stripped of all nutritive value and then had vitamins and minerals added in. Why not offer real food?

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    Default Re: Yet another "ped pushing foods at 6 months" thread

    I started my first on solids at 5 months, her tongue reflex was gone and was sitting up fine. I just gave my 4 month old some medicine and she has a strong tongue reflex still, it is a nightmare getting anything in her mouth that isn't me or a binkie.
    I'm nervous about her 4 month check up next week because this is a new ped and I'm worried she'll bug me about solids. She disapproved of my moby wrap. Luckily my husband is a dr and he backs me up on decisions like that because he knows I do my research and don't just decide things on a whim.

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    Default Re: Yet another "ped pushing foods at 6 months" thread

    I didn't use much baby food with either of my older boys and probably won't will ds3. I have bought a few jars of organic to try but we are not doing it daily. he just got his first tooth and is working on tooth #2. tongue thrust is gone and he samples sweet potatoes and bananas when i'm eating them

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    Default Re: Yet another "ped pushing foods at 6 months" thread

    On the topic of iron - DS actually tested low on iron at 9 months, and the pediatrician agreed that it was best if I could get his iron up with natural sources rather than a supplement or cereal. He wasn't eating much at all at that point, but I made sure everything he ate was either rich in iron or vitamin C (you have to have vitamin C to properly absorb iron). I also made sure that I maximized the iron and vit C in my breastmilk (you can't increase them indefinitely, but I just made sure I wasn't deficient myself!).

    His iron came up pretty quickly and was within normal range by 1 year.

    It's also my understanding that the iron in cereal and other supplements actually interferes with the absorption of iron from breastmilk, but I don't have a source to cite on that right now (I think you can find information on Kellymom).

    I did a ton of research on that aspect when his iron came back low - I was pretty freaked out since we hadn't done rice cereal as a first food.

    Anyhow - nutrition for the entirety of the first year is supposed to come from breastmilk or formula. Solids are just for fun!

    And I think the biggest driving force for your LO's future eating habits will be YOUR eating habits. They see what you're having and they figure that must be the good stuff.

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    Default Re: Yet another "ped pushing foods at 6 months" thread

    Have you thought of BLS... I just started the last week and my LO loves it... even though I don't think she is actually swallowing anything quite yet, she's nawing on it and getting juices and hasn't refused anything yet ( we tried puree's at first, but she just didn't like it at all! she would cry, turn her head, I might get a lil in and she would gag or swallow a lil and then refuse any more)... I wasn't sold on the BLS till I read the book " Baby led weaning" by rapley that someone else recommended on her and tried it myself.. and so far so good... plus she has whatever i have ( steak, chicken, advocado, pear, apple, banana, strawberry, pineapple, peach, cucumber, dry toast, orange peppers, canteloupe, papaya, sweet potato, carrots, potato, brocoli & chick peas are what she has tried so far!) and the best part is no pureeing! My Ped completely supports our decision to do this as well and says not to treat our LO as a science experiment.... just feed her whatever I have and if she has a reaction then work backwards from there.. but so far no allergic reactions at all... I also keep a journal of what she's tried on what day/time just in case something pops up I can look back and see what it may be.
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    Default Re: Yet another "ped pushing foods at 6 months" thread

    Yes, definitely leaning more towards BLS. Poor Hubby, more stuff for him to read to teach/convince him that this is what 'we' are going to do! He's fine with it. We tried avocado and sweet potato (with a spoon, more of a puree), and DS wasn't too crazy about it. Now, a couple weeks later, we sit him down, put some sweet potato on his tray, and he feeds himself(and squishes it, smears it on the tray and throws it on the floor). He grabs asparagus right out of my hand too! It's supposed to be a fun, learning experience, and that's what we're doing.

    I'll definitely have to get that Rapley book that I've heard so much about.
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    Default Re: Yet another "ped pushing foods at 6 months" thread

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*turtle23 View Post
    DS had his 6 month appt today.

    DH took him, and tends to believe everything he hears because ped is a doctor, and I'm not. Our ped is a good doctor, and he was ok with holding off til 6 months for solids, but now...

    Ped recommended(and I think scolded DH) to really start offering solids, since we haven't yet. Of course, he wants to start with rice cereal(constipating, right?). Then onto bananas(more constipation?), then apples, then onto veggies.

    I know we don't have to do what the doctor says. But isn't that all kind of backwards? And developmentally, he's not there yet--doesn't sit up by himself, and still has tongue thrust reflex.

    Is the tongue thrust reflex something that will go away on its own, when baby is really ready for food? Or is it something you have to 'teach' the baby--you know, spoon food into his mouth over and over, til he "gets" it, and swallows readily?

    Should veggies come before fruit? I thought someone here had mentioned not to do fruits first, because baby might get a sweet tooth, and not like veggies. When you did start solids, how much and how often. I don't know.

    I've held off on the solid food for longer than everyone else expected so I think everyone is anxious to see DS eat 'real food'.
    This is my first, so, I'm certainly not an expert. And, although I'm still BFing, we also started baby on solids a while ago. In my opinion, there is nothing but advice out there, and it as varied as the grains of sand on a beach. You have to do what feels right in your heart.

    My baby lost his tongue thrust reflex before four months of age. Or right around there. And he was *very* interested in food right around four months of age as well. He would watch us eat, stare at the spoon from the plate to our mouths, open his mouth when we opened our and "chewed" right along with us. So, I felt it was time to start him on solids. I really started him in October... So, he would have been 5 months before I made the decision to start him.

    I started him on Avacado. No cereal and no baby food. In my opinion, Avacado has a lot of healthy benefits. We just mashed it up and fed it to him. The, we started cereal (more because I started work and was overwhelmed training for a new job and being the super Mom I wished I could be). Then, we moved to organic baby food - vegetables only - as I believe what they begin to eat now will affect how they eat later in life. Only recently has DS been given some organic fruit baby food with his morning cereal. And, he only gets it in the morning. The deciding factor for me? I want to provide food that has more of a high fiber/low sugar ratio. Have you seen the fiber/sugar ratio for some of those fruits! Sheesh!

    Eventually, my real goal (hoping I can find one at Toys R Us today) is to feed our son what we eat. I'm looking for a baby food mill. I want to change our diet to an organic diet and feed him our food. I think in the long run, outside of breast milk (which he will continue to get), that's the best option for us. Less expensive, healthier, I know exactly what's going in his food, and it also exposes him to a wide variety of flavors and experiences.

    Good luck, whatever you decide.
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    Default Re: Yet another "ped pushing foods at 6 months" thread

    I had the same issue with my ped and choose to ignore her. I also read, I think on this site, that iron in breastmilk is easily absorbed whereas iron in cereal is not. They put so much more iron in the cereal because it is so hard to absorb AND it said that once you start the baby on cereal it can make it much harder to absorb the iron in BM!

    Another issue for me was that the more food you give the less milk baby will drink. What food out there is better for baby at this stage than breast milk? There is none that I know of that is more complete and more specifically meant for baby.

    If the baby can not naturally eat the food, meaning it has to be pureed or some jarred slop, then is it really better for him?

    I let my ped's advice derail me for half a day. Then I got my senses back and 9 month DS is only tasting food for variety and fun. He gets his milk BEFORE any food is offered, and after.

    Don't feel bad, you're doing the right thing!

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