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Thread: Am I doing something wrong?

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    Default Am I doing something wrong?

    My LO is 8 months old (in two days). I've offered solids (purees) for the past 2 months. He just doesn't like to eat... at all really. He'll eat bananas occasionally, but that is all he'll open his mouth for.
    He's also not a good sleeper. And of course everyone is saying the two (eating/sleeping) go hand in hand. "When he "eats", he'll sleep. He is up quite often through the night, but it's not like he's eating a ton... it just seems as though he wants me right there beside him, face to face and he's waking to cuddle again, or to comfort nurse. He's doing this almost once an hour... sometimes less.
    Any thoughts or opinions??
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    Default Re: Am I doing something wrong?

    My two kiddos were just bad sleepers. Period. It didn't change once they were eating solids. That being said, they both have food allergies, and so their sleep is significantly affected when they've been exposed to their trigger foods, either by solids or by nursing.

    For babies who don't like purees, you can try offering pieces of food for them to play with and maybe eat a little of. Something like spears of baked sweet potato, chunks of avocado, banana, puffed rice, ripe pear without the skin, etc. He may be more interested in food with a different texture than puree.

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    Default Re: Am I doing something wrong?

    Some babies don't like to be fed.

    Maybe try some finger foods??
    Some babies seem to sleep better when they're eating more solids... while most don't show a change at all.

    More about sleeping can be found here.

    If he did start eating more what would they blame his sleep patterns on then Just follow your boys lead .

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