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Thread: 1 year old not not eating

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    Default 1 year old not not eating

    My 1 year old still loves nursing and usually does so about 10 times a day, and on and off all night as well. She is completely uninterested in solid foods. Once in awhile she'll take a bite of something but nothing substantial. The doctor is not concerned about her weight (20lbs, 30inches), but i'm concerned that she won't eat! She absolutely refuses to be fed (which is fine, I try to let her feed herself), but i'm thinking she does need more calories and nutrition then what she is receiving right now. Will she eventually come around to food? Someone suggested I cut down on nursing, but in the end that just upsets her to the point where she won't even attempt solids.
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    Default Re: 1 year old not not eating

    Your milk has more calories than most solid foods. She'll eat when she wants to, in her own time. My daughter is almost 14 months old, about 18 pounds and just recently started going after solids with gusto. She didn't care much for them either before.

    Cutting down on nursing won't help if the issue is that she doesn't want to eat the solids. I know it's stressful, but she will eat what and when she wants to.

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    Default Re: 1 year old not not eating

    At 1 year, my kid was the same way. Nursing 10-12 times per day, zero interest in solid foods. It's okay. According to my pediatrician, until the age of 1 year, breastmilk alone provides your baby with all her nutritional needs. After age 1, the transition to a majority-solids diet can be a very gradual one, since it's not like baby goes to sleep on day 364 needing only mama's milk, and wakes up on day 365 needing tons of solid foods.

    Don't get sucked into the trap of offering unhealthy foods "because she likes them and at least she's eating"- just put a variety of healthy solids in front of her and allow your child to discover solids at her own pace. She will get there! My kid suddenly woke up to solids at around 14-15 months, and never looked back.

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    Default Re: 1 year old not not eating

    My daughter did not start eating anything significant until 13 months, at which point she cut down on nursing and started eating solids. However, even before that point, she was occasionally eating bites of a wide variety of food -- not enough to give her significant nutrition, but enough that I knew she could eat if she wanted to. I would really hesitate before I cut down on feedings. She might need the mommy milk.

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    Default Re: 1 year old not not eating

    One year olds aren't suddenly big kids. They're still very much babies. Some are big fans of solids, some are not. But they still need breastmilk!

    I noticed that with each growth spurt, my son started eating more solids (mixed in with the nurse a thon) and then he stayed at that level of solids until the next spurt.

    Follow her lead. Keep offering and introducing foods.
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    Default Re: 1 year old not not eating

    I wouldn't worry about it. DS1 was the exact same way- he only ate a few bites of solid food by the time he was 18 months, but nursed like fiend. This behaviour continued until about 2 and then he started eating a little more. Even now at 3.5 he doesn't eat as much as his peers, but I figure that's just his appetite. If there's no medical concern, just go with it. Like everything, it will adjust itself.
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    Default Re: 1 year old not not eating

    There's a really funny book published by LLLI called My Child Won't Eat by Carlos Gonzalez. It's a very good at helping you relax and not worry so much about what your child's eating.

    There's a podcast about the book here: http://www.lalecheleague.org/mp3/LLL...ildWontEat.mp3

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