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Thread: He doesn't "regulate" his feeding, so how much at a meal?

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    Default He doesn't "regulate" his feeding, so how much at a meal?

    Owen will be 11months on Thursday. He's been having breakfast and dinner for a while now, I always nurse him before giving him solids. He can feed himself fairly well and loves food. But I don't feel like he really regulates himself like he should - or maybe he truly needs as much food as he's eating. He will eat and eat and many times will just all of a sudden throw up his food. He does have reflux, so it's hard to know if it's happening because of that or because he's eaten too much.

    For breakfast I give him some cut-up fruit and cheerios on his tray. And I feed him a little more than 1/8cup of cereal mixed with water and about 3oz of fruit.

    For dinner I give him some of what we're having, about 1.5oz of fruit and 3oz of vegetables (sometimes mixed with cereal if we're not having a lot that he can have). Tonight he ate 1/4 of an avacado, 1.5oz fruit, and 1.5oz veggie mixed with 1/8cup cereal.

    In the last 6 weeks he has gained 12oz. This is below the lower average for his age. He weighs 20lbs 12oz. This is a major drop in weight gain for him. I'm not really concerned as he's started to roll around a ton to get to things. But, I wonder if that means I'm not feeding him enough solids. The lactation consultant at breastfeeding group said I should start adding in lunch. So yesterday and today I gave him lunch, which was cut-up fruit and veggies, and 3oz of pureed veggie. I feel like he eats a lot but maybe that's because Emma didn't like food much. My friends think I'm not feeding him enough.

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    Default Re: He doesn't "regulate" his feeding, so how much at a meal?

    I think that if you nurse him beforehand you should just let him eat as much as he wants, within reason. Solids don't have as many calories as your milk has, so if you're trying to get more calories into him, I would back off on the solids.

    He eats more than my 14 month old and she has recently taken to solids with gusto. But she eats like a bird and most other kids probably eat more.

    He sounds like he's plenty big enough to me

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    Default Re: He doesn't "regulate" his feeding, so how much at a meal?

    I don't see any reason to be concerned about your baby's weight- according to this chart for breastfed baby boys, he's right at the 50th percentile. Gaining at a slower pace after 6 months is totally normal- all that calorie-burning motion!

    I would nurse him as much as possible, and as sixtyearplan suggested, offer 3-4 tblsp of food 3 times daily. If you're at all concerned about his weight- and again, I don't think you should be!- then I would concentrate on the high-cal solids (beans, whole-milk yogurt, meat, avocado) instead of low-cal fruits and veggies.

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