Not that I am wanting to disagree with everyone about the dehydration possibility but constipation is often not a result of dehydration. My son breastfed a lot and got plenty of fluids but was still constipated. Often when you start solids the flora in the intestine is not used to dealing with the new foods etc. that are coming its way as well as the fact that the gastro-intestinal tract is still developing and isn't always mature enough to handle the solid food. If you feel like your child is getting enough fluids(remember breastmilk is a natural laxative so it is always preferable to water etc.) then you may want to look at other options. Is your baby getting enough fat in his/her diet and is it possible to cut back on solids and increase bfeeding. If you have tried this and it does not work I would certainly give the flax seed oil a try. My mom kept pushing water and no amount of fluid, prunes, papaya, peaches, etc. made any difference. I did quite a lot of research as it was such a chronic problem for my son and his pediatrition wasn't any help. I discovered that unless your baby is dehydrated no amount of liquid will help with constipation and that the most recent studies have proved this. The question is whether or not you believe you child to be dehydrated. Does your baby have sufficiently wet diapers? Does your baby's skin full and soft to the touch. Are your baby's lips chapped etc? These are all indicators of dehydration. If your baby doesn't present with any of these indicators then you are likely going to have to take a different route.