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Thread: 15 weeks pregnant and overwhelmed

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    I am on WIC also. Its great because they let me borrow a pump and I pump while i am at work and store in fridge in a cooler. WIC is ALLL about breast feeding and can help you out alot. I am using a BaileyMed pump. If you go to http://www.baileymed.com/cgi-bin/sto...i?F=l&C=Breast Pumps you might qualify for the low income program where you get the Deluxe Nurture III Breast Pump that cost 160 for 50. I have used it for 2 months now and i have had no problems. Also if you are on wic they have a new program for exclusive breastfeed babies you will 96 jars of baby food once baby turn 6 months moms who have breastfeed and other formula only get i think 36 jars. hope that helps you out :-) im 22 years old and I have been on WIC since i was 16 and it has def been helpful!
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    If you have any heath insurance you should also check with them and see if they cover a breastpump (Mine did - I paid about $30 for a $300 pump which came with some bottles, a carrying bag, a steam cleaner, bags etc etc and was delivered to my door the net day for free.

    I got laid off just about the same time I found out I was pregnant with DD (I have a half time job now). It is hard but worth it
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