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Thread: pumping if going out

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    Default pumping if going out

    How do you handle pumping if going out for a while? I presume you want to breastfeed the baby before you go out. but let's say the baby was fed a bottle sometime before you return. do you pump at all to make up for the missed nursing, if it's past the time when you've`already established your milk supply? if so, when do you do that pumping if baby feeds on demand and you're not sure when they'll feed again? or ok to just let it slide?

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    I think that if you are comfortable with your milk supply, aren't going out for that long, and aren't doing it all of the time, you should be okay. I never pumped while out for movie and dinner, things like that. If I was going to be out for a LONG time, maybe I'd pump, but I didn't usually go out for more than a few hours. Now, if I went out and came home to a sleeping baby, I'd probably pump. See how you feel - if you're uncomfortable you might want to pump
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    I still pump when I go out once a week without dd and she's 15 months old. I get too full otherwise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sixyearplan View Post
    Unless your baby is a year old, I would pump every time there is a missed feeding. You'll likely be engorged anyway.

    If you miss feedings and don't pump it can negatively impact your supply. It's one of the ways people think their LOs self wean early.
    You'll probably feel the need to pump anyway mama.
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