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Thread: BLS/Nursing question

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    When your little one "got it" or at least got interested in food, did you experience a drop in nursing activity for a little while?

    I have been so used to nursing on demand (and offering anytime she seemed the least bit fussy) that I hadn't noticed when it occurred, but Sunday is the first time I saw her actually chow down on food (and swallow most of it) and it seems like somewhere in between there her nursing has decreased. At first it just seemed like her time on the breast was far less and I thought maybe she suddenly became more efficient - but my pump output has tanked again (and it isn't ovulation this time) and once I started paying attention she really is nursing less.

    Her diaper output is great, but when I started offering more often she kind of gives a gratuitous suck and then wants to play. Her poo is definitely reflecting a decent solid food intake, but I don't want her to wean off this quickly and this early. Should I offer less food, or cut back to one meal a day (we are doing breakfast and dinner)?

    She is also crazy active, I just made her a play area and she is either crawling or cruising along the furniture any chance she gets, is it possible that it isn't just the solids and she is distracted by other things as well?

    I've been drinking mothers milk tea and watching my water intake to get supply back up, but am worried about whether she is potentially self weaning early - I don't want her off the breast just yet, she still has a lot of growing to do!

    Thanks for reading this, sorry so long.
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    With my son, it varies from day to day. Some days he wants to nurse way more than eating (he's 10 months) and other days he wants to eat more than nurse, however he will take to the breast each time he also eats. We are allowing him to try the solids set before him 3 times per day and he still nurses every 2-3 hours on most days, however some of those sessions are much shorter than they would be had we not offered any food.

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