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Thread: Bits of sweet potato in his poop--normal?

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    Default Bits of sweet potato in his poop--normal?

    So, we gave my six-month-old some pureed sweet potato the other day. He was not pleased, and I didn't think any of it had actually gotten down him (he doesn't seem to recognize that food is a thing you swallow). A day and a half later, though, I see flecks of sweet potato in his poopy diaper. Is this normal, or is it a sign that his digestive system isn't ready for solids yet?

    On a side note: I've heard good things about BLS. I'd like my kiddo to enjoy his food so that we're not just torturing him with bad tastes every time we try to feed him. Can anyone recommend some good websites with details on BLS? (I'm still a little nervous about choking).


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    Default Re: Bits of sweet potato in his poop--normal?

    Totally normal! As you do more solids you'll also see things in poop like blueberry skins, corn, bits of carrots.

    Sounds gross but I found it helpful as a way of seeing what my LO actually was eating.

    Some LO just don't like to be spoon fed. For them BLS is perfect because they can control what and how much they want to eat.

    BLS guidelines document (in England "weaning" = starting solids)

    great blog by parents who have done BLS
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    Default Re: Bits of sweet potato in his poop--normal?

    Totally normal! My LO is 7.5 months and I give him steamed sweet potatoes in french fry size pieces (we're doing BLS) and I always see bits of it in his poop.

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    Default Re: Bits of sweet potato in his poop--normal?

    Yup, normal... We had lil' bits of carrot as our first recognizable bits o'food. As their gut adjusts and starts to digest, it goes away.

    I've used the other links provided, read the book, and am just starting in this forum. Mostly Britons, so the speech is a bit different, but read a few interesting things in the last couple of days. I joined a Yahoo group as well, but they haven't approved me yet - I'll add the link if they do (don't remember the exact name, but if you search "baby led weaning" it'll pop up)

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    Default Re: Bits of sweet potato in his poop--normal?

    Yep, it's normal. My LO has been eating apple and I could see pieces of the skin in his poo.
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