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Thread: Wholesome Baby Pancakes

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    I'm sure some of you have seen this site. I tried to make pancakes this morning using their recipe. I didn't have baby oatmeal, so I omitted that. Any ways, I couldn't get them to cook all the way through w/o burning them. Is this because of the banana consistency? I tried adding more water/ apple juice then they were too runny and although the bubbling seem to be better they still didn't cook all the way. So I added more ww flour (Small amounts) and still no help. I got very frustrated. I did give her a few and just try to press out all the uncooked stuff. I hope I don't get her sick!! lol

    So am I just a terrible cook or am I doing something wrong??? The heat wasn't way up. The regular pancakes bubble up nicely and cook all the way... I don't want to give her the crap we eat!

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    Try cooking them really slowly on low heat.

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