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Thread: Getting frustrated, keep me motivated!

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    Angry Getting frustrated, keep me motivated!

    Okay I am SOOOO frustrated!

    I've been relactating 7 weeks now. I've been using a lact-aid, fenugreek, oatmeal, domperidone, blessed thistle. I just added goat's rue and a milk tea a few days ago.

    At first I had 3.5 oz of forumla in the lact-aid. Now I have 2-2.5oz of BREAST MILK! in the lact-aid. He sometimes takes it all and other times he leaves about an ounce or so.

    Here is my frustration. He gets about 3.5-4 oz total per feed (I have a scale). 1.5-2 oz of that is from the breast milk in the lact-aid. So 2-2.5 oz are from me (I nurse on both sides) BUT when I pump afterward I pump an ounce out of EACH BREAST! How can I get him to take that from ME and not give it to the pump or take it out of the lact-aid?

    It is like I'm not getting to a second let down. I know I don't feel a second let down just the first.

    What I do is let him nurse both sides first (I may or maynot get a letdown), then I open up the lact-aid and I alternate giving him half on each side. Is this wrong? I'm almost thinking that I should feed on just ONE breast and have the lact-aid on the whole time? And put more breast milk in the lact-aid so that he's getting breast milk the entire feed?

    I forgot to mention, he is SCREAMING at me if I don't have the lact-aid on. He will scream and cry and push his head past my breast if he sucks and doesn't get anything. I try to not wait until he's super hungry but if he's not hungry he won't even open for the breast. Also our feeds have gone from 30 minutes to only 10, I'm thinking that is why he's not getting all from me because that is only enough time for one let down?

    HELP! I'm going to call my LC for an appointment but I need help NOW!

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    Default Re: Getting frustrated, keep me motivated!

    How old is he? Here is some info on weaning off of formula supplements - I know you are not using formula, but it should work exactly the same way for any supplementation - and you are ahead of the game because you know you have enough milk already-you just need him to know that


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    Default Re: Getting frustrated, keep me motivated!

    Hi and thanks!

    He is 12 weeks old now. I think he is going through a growth spurt actually. He wanted to nurse a ton today and I had to supplement with formula this afternoon I ran all out of breastmilk. But at least he took it at the breast with the lact-aid.

    Thanks for the link that is helpful and once we get through this growth spurt I know we'll be on track!

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