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Thread: Can I get my milk supply back up?

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    Default Can I get my milk supply back up?

    My doctor asked me not to breast feed for three days because he wanted to see whether my daughters jaundice was breast milk jaundice or whether it was caused by something more serious. I fell behind in pumping and now my milk supply has lessoned. When I started breast feeding again my breasts were so sore that I continued giving her formula a couple of times a day. I want to cut out the formula completely. Is it possible to get my supply back up?

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    Default Re: Can I get my milk supply back up?

    Sure it is!

    Is your baby nursing now? The best thing you can do is go to bed with your baby and do absolutely nothing for a whole day but eat, sleep, use the bathroom, and nurse! Anytime she *looks* at you, nurse her! It really will help. Here's some more info:

    Are you still experiencing soreness?

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