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Thread: pumping and weather

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    The heat was turned off at my work for the weekend, so despite wearing a jacket, my office is still cold.

    I'm pumping less than normal, and was wondering if it's due to the cold or if my milk supply is decreasing (I stopped taking the goats rue recently, but am still taking a homemade tincture containing various herbs). Has anyone else had this happen to them as the weather changes? Any suggestions for coping with it?
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    This is actually the reason that I signed up to this website. I primarily pump and feed my 2 month old from a bottle. Lately with the change in the weather, I havent been pumping near enough and have to supplement with formula. I went from 2oz. every 2 hours to 2 oz. every 5-6 hours...Im not sure if this is the reason but I did notice it when the weather changed. My mom always says to cover up when I go out in the cold and always wear shoes because it will dry up your milk, I guess she does know what shes talking about.

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