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Thread: Why would milk suddenly decrease?

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    Default Why would milk suddenly decrease?

    I am still BFing my 15 month old several times a day and at night. I also started pumping for a friend's baby about a month and a half ago. I've noticed that my milk has suddenly decreased. (I can't really tell when BFing my daughter, since I don't know exactly what she's getting, but I can tell a difference when pumping!) Not sure what that is about....

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    could be hormonal, sometimes supply dips around ovulation or before your period. Maybe it will go back to normal in a couple of days?

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    Or could you be pregnant?

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    AF, stress, not drinkning enough water or cutting calories can all contibute. I always have a dip when I'm ovulating.
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    Thanks for the possibilities! I haven't had a PPAF yet, so I can't blame that. I take a HPT once a month to check for pregnancy just in case and that was neg. on Dec. 1. I'll try to keep up my fluids and not stress. Thanks for your responses!

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