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Thread: We made it to 2!!!

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    Default We made it to 2!!!

    E. just turned the big "2" at the end of last month. I'm happy to say that we're still going strong with nursing. I never thought we'd go this long. I'm not sure when we're gonna stop; I'd like to let her set the pace on that, but sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I wasn't nursing anymore.

    We've been doing gentle weaning for a while - "don't ask, don't refuse". I've lost a cup size already! Some days she only nurses at nap/bedtime. Other times it seems like she's attached to me like a newborn...

    Just wanted to give you guys some mad props/thanks; I am not sure if I would have been this successful without your help (and the help of my local LLL group)! Thank you so very much for all the wonderful assistance and support you've given me!!!

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    Default Re: We made it to 2!!!

    Congrats mama!
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    Yay! Way to go!

    We're in the 2 club together, Evan turned 2 November 30th. Glad to know we have this in common!
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    since 10/10/07
    and still going...

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    Heck YEAH! Nice to see ya!
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