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Thread: getting baby to latch AGAIN

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    Default getting baby to latch AGAIN

    my son is learning to relatch at three months. he was bottle fed for most of his life due to meds i had to take. well long story short i am now trying to relactate and was hoping somone could share some tips on getting a baby to latch. i need to use a nipple shield due to inverted nipples and nipple confusion and what not. i would like to be able to nurse in bed but dont know if that will work due to the shield. also chase seems to get really anxious when i am preparing the nipple shield so he wont latch on to it. then he gets anxious after one or two sucks of not getting anything. i just got a sns so that should help a little. also i have moved him from a size two nipple back to a size one so that he will get used to sucking a little harder to get the milk out. thanks so much

    oh and i was wondering if maybe i could use the tape from the sns to tape the nipple shield on to me at night so that i wouldnt have to struggle with it? i am just worried it might come off and get sucked into his throat causing him to choke. tia

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    Default Re: getting baby to latch AGAIN

    are you working with a local lll leader or a lc?

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