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Thread: Returning to Work Tomorrow Please Help!

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    Due to some financial issues I wasn't able to buy my pump until this past Friday. I brought the Ameda Purely Yours, and tried it out. Ouch! The flanges look really big, although I wear a c bra. After pumping for about 10 minutes my breasts were so sore. I read the directions exactly, and did not begin on a high suction level. So I have been pumping since Friday and my breasts are so sore, and I have a headache. I am so sad because I have to return to work tomorrow and I only have three 4 ounce bottles. My son is now 15 weeks and weighs 18 pounds. He is very healthy and I never had a problem breastfeeding. I tried the Avent pump, but it takes a long time to get any milk. For his weight I want to leave four 6ounce bottles, because I will be working form 3:30 to 12 am. Once this weekend I was able to get 4 ounces in 10 minutes when I nuresed him on the pposite breast. I don't know what to do. I put in the the Avent silicone insert into the Ameda flange, and it felt so much better. Also, when I am with my son my milk let downs very fast, but I can not with the pump. Is it suppose to hurt this much? The flange fits, but this is so uncomfortable with its tugging and pulling. It feels so unnatural. I try to relax and massage my breasts, but it feels so abnormal. Please help as I am returnig to work tomorrow.

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    Try to relax. I was sOOOOOOOOOOO worked up when I had to go back to work, but everything will be fine. My DD didn't want to eat nearly as much when she was with the sitter as she did with me. Also, I pumped before I went back to work and usually got 4-5 oz. However, when I pumped at work, I got 10-12 oz. Eventually I got used to nursing more when I was home and at night. Bring a picture with you and even a piece of clothing to help you let down. I don't know much about your pump...I use the Medila PIS, and I am very happy with it.

    Good luck tomorrow!

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    Hmmmm...are you sure the breastshields fit you properly? This is a website that might help you decide:

    Ameda sells a "flexi-shield" for their Purely Yours pump. You can find that information here:

    Pumping shouldn't hurt. Hoping some of the info above will help you!

    It's unlikely that your baby will eat 4 ounces at a time. Have you considered having bottles with smaller amounts of milk in them available? That way, your milk will not go to waste if he doesn't eat it all (and your caregiver won't feel the need to push your baby to "finish" the bottle). If your baby is still hungry after say, 2-3 oz, your sitter could quickly warm more.
    The information found here might be helpful to you:

    I agree with the above poster. Pumping does sometimes feel abnormal (letting down for a *machine* is much different than letting down for a warm, cuddly baby). And letting down for the pump is a learned response. It may take you a little while to get the hang of it...and that is perfectly normal! Some useful tips:
    Look a picture of your baby
    Tape your baby crying or making happy sounds and listen to that while pumping
    Imagine your milk rushing forth like a waterfall
    Don't look at the bottle while you're pumping...do something else like respond to emails, read a magazine, or even eat your lunch!
    Take some of your baby's clothes with you so you can you can smell your baby as you pump
    Nurse often when you and baby are together
    Rest, relax, and enjoy your baby when you're not at work

    You might find these stories reassuring:


    Good luck to you, and let us know how your first day went.

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