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Thread: combining nursing and solids - timing

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    Default combining nursing and solids - timing

    I heard that you are supposed to nurse and offer solids at the same meal period, but I am finding that one or the other fillls my 7 mos old DD...is it ok to wait 1/2 hour to 1 hour inbetween both?

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    Default Re: combining nursing and solids - timing

    I *think* the main concern is making sure your lo is getting enough fluids with her meals to avoid constipation. Maybe she's eating too much solids at this point? Is she pooping regularly and without pain?

    I would think that as long as she's not constipated, she's fine. But, I'm not an "expert." And there may be other reasons for giving BM with meals...

    Oh, indeed there is another reason: BM is a complete protein. So, what kind of solid foods does your daughter eat? If she's only eating, say, some apples and green beans, she's not getting a complete protein out of that meal. But throwing in yogurt, cheese, egg, meat, or BM will complete her meal, iykwim.

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    Default Re: combining nursing and solids - timing

    What I did with my DD when she was that age, was I'd give her a BF when she woke from night sleep, or nap time, then an hour later I'd give her solids meal. If I tried to give her solids before that, she just wasn't hungry, as she was still full of BM.

    Once she was about 11 months old (though here it's recommended to do this at around 8-9 months) I would swap around the order of BF and solids. Though to be honest, at 17 months now, she still has a BF first thing when she wakes, then solids an hour later. The only one I've properly swapped is the midday one, which usually is after solids (just before nap).
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    Default Re: combining nursing and solids - timing

    Yes, right now she is eating only 1-2 times a day solid food which usually consists of rice cereal mixed with apple sauce, bananas or peaches and then a veggie like sweet potatoes or squash or green beans.

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