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Thread: Is dd weaning or REALLY liking solids?

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    Default Is dd weaning or REALLY liking solids?

    I started dd on solids about a month ago, but usually give her no more than 2 teaspoons/day (still EBFing and on demand). So far she has liked everything she's tried (banana, sweet peas, applesauce, sweet potatoes, green beans, & peaches). Lately she'll smile and get excited when she sees her bowl and spoon, but then cry when it's all done! I'm afraid to give her more because I don't want to decrease my supply. I give her solids either between feedings of after bfing.

    Is she doing this because she's still hungry? Or is she weaning herself off the breast and more towards the solids?

    I have noticed that she's not pooping EVERY day. She'll go every other day or 2, but when she does they are 2 EXPLOSIONS. Her wet diapers are still great
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    Default Re: Is dd weaning or REALLY liking solids?

    I think at your LO's age, she's probably not so much hungry but just having a lot of fun with all the new tastes and textures and doesn't want the fun to end. I really don't think she's weaning.

    You could always try offering her more breastmilk after the solids, in case she is hungry. Or, if you aren't already doing so, you could try baby-led solids, which I think in the beginning baby eats less of (versus spoon-fed purees) because she has to gum away at the food by herself. This takes more time and could be more enjoyable for your LO.

    DD loved sucking on hard crusty bread (she'd barely make a dent in it but could work away at it for ages) and veggie sticks (e.g., bell pepper, cucumber, etc.)

    And yeah, whenever DD eats too much solid food, the pooping definitely slows down. Kind of makes you wonder.

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    Default Re: Is dd weaning or REALLY liking solids?

    I agree with pp. Your baby is really enjoying her new adventure. Be thankful my son is 2 and we still have trouble getting him to eat most days!

    Maybe give your baby the spoon and bowl after she is done so she can explore it? Maybe she's just interested in the whole thing and giving her the spoon and bowl to mouth and check out will help her?

    Or some babies eat more solids and don't decrease their EBF feedings. Try giving her a little more food and watch her bfing. It might be ok to feed her a little more food without weaning her.

    Technically starting solids is a form of weaning and I know that's sad in a way but it's the way it works! You are doing everything right, and this shows in the way that your LO is ready for solids and you are not forcing them on her. You're reading her cues like a good momma does!
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