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Thread: Lipase issue?

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    Default Lipase issue?

    My son is almost 8weeks and I have always given fresh breast milk, today for the first time he will be staying...overnight at my mothers because we have an obligation out of town for the night. My highschool reunion. I defrosted for stored breast milk for the first time.....it smelled different than fresh milk, but not rancid...perhaps a little soapy. He took it fine, infact cried when I removed the bottle to burp him. It tasted a little weird but not bad and definatley not rancid, maybe a little soapy or floral tasting. The milk I gave him today was from 10/31 so almost a month in the freezer. If I did have and issue would he still take it? and if he did take it inspite of a lipase issue is it safe?

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    IF you have a lipase issue... some babies will take the milk anyway and if so, it's completely fine. Lipase milk will not harm your baby at all whatsoever.

    Freezing slows down, but does not stop the lipase enzyme activity. The only way to stop it (if it becomes an issue where baby is rejecting stored milk) is to scald the milk before prolonged storage.

    Lots of helpful info. in the huge lipase thread at the top of this forum if you need it.

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    If he still took it after a month in the freezer, count your blessings! When my lipase issue started, even milk frozen from the previous DAY was gross! Made you want to throw up!

    If you do think it's developing into a more serious issue, check out this for a detailed procedure of what to do. Helped us immensely!

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