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Thread: All of a sudden leaking again

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    Default All of a sudden leaking again

    DS is 17 months old (almost) and since he was about 1- I've been fine with no leaking. However- tonight I started leaking right after he went to bed (and nursed). I couldn't find the pieces to my pump and just expressed about 1oz within a few minutes before I just went and got in the shower.

    Any ideas whats going on? I have an IUD so I'm pretty sure i'm not pregnant.
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    Default Re: All of a sudden leaking again

    I'd guess it's probably nothing? If it's a one-time event, that is. If it keeps happening, IDK- maybe some sort of hormonal fluctuation?

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    Default Re: All of a sudden leaking again

    I agree, Ive had that happen many times before.
    And sometimes when I wasn't even thinking about breastfeeding, or hearing a baby cry.

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    Default Re: All of a sudden leaking again

    I went through this right around the time that DD turned 1. Whenever my milk would let down when she was nursing, the other side would start gushing as well. It was like this for probably about a month, and then it went back to normal.

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