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Thread: Pumping enough for day to day AND building a freezer stash?

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    Default Pumping enough for day to day AND building a freezer stash?

    I returned to work last week after 10 weeks off for maternity leave. I had built a small freezer stash, but really not much at all for a variety of reasons. When I got back to work, I was told I was going to be require to attend a 7 day business trip in mid-February. Cue me freaking out!

    My initial plan for pumping at work was as follows:

    6-6:30am--Nurse one side, pump the other (usually btwn 3-5 ozs depending on which side)

    9:30--pump (between 3-4 ozs)

    12:30--pump (between 3-4 ozs)

    3:30--pump (between 2-3 ozs)

    (all times after this approx. based on LO's demand--but he's pretty regular once I get home every two hours)

    6:00--nurse both sides

    8:00--nurse both sides

    10:00--nurse both sides

    My LO eats 3.5-4.5 oz bottles 3 times while I'm at work, so I figured this would get me through day to day but with a little bit extra just in case. Now that I've got this business trip to build supply for, I'm freaking out about how to pump enough and feed him (oh, and I'm scheduled for a growth spurt any day now, just one more thing to stress about).

    He'll be 5 mos during the trip, and I think I've figured out that I need around 215-230 ozs for 7 days--does that sound right for a 5 mo. old?

    What should I do? I've already decided to add an extra pumping session before I go to bed, around midnight, which I think will get me an additional 2-3 ozs, and I'm going to make sure I pump at least 3 times a day on the weekends, but it may only be on one side to make sure I can feed the kid. Should I try to pump every two hours instead of every three? Should I pump after each feeding, even if it only yields an ounce? I don't currently use any oatmeal, or fenugreek or anything--maybe I should start? I really don't want to supplement LO w/formula at all if I can help it.

    I'm really stressed about this, and of course kicking myself for not pumping more while I was on mat. leave, but what's done is done, so how do I catch up?

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    Default Re: Pumping enough for day to day AND building a freezer stash?

    when do you go to bed..I always pumped about two hrs after my lo went down for the night and rt before I went to bed...that was usually 11pm-12am ish and I was able to get a decent amt then!

    You can also pump after you nurse your lo...it might only be an oz total (completely normal) but if you nurse 3 x that is 3 extra oz you didn't have otherwise!

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    Default Re: Pumping enough for day to day AND building a freezer stash?

    another thing I did which is a total pain, but worked is to pump after each feeding for 5-10 minutes. Sometimes you get an extra oz or 2 and you can make bags to freeze from that as well.

    Are you going to pump on the trip and save the milk? If you send it home overnight you can use dryice which is avaiable at many supermarkets.

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    Default Re: Pumping enough for day to day AND building a freezer stash?

    I will have to pump while I'm gone, if only to keep up my supply--I hadn't thought of shipping the milk home though. That might be an option to help alleviate the stress I'm feeling about this whole endeavor.

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