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Thread: 9 weeks and still hurting

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    Red face 9 weeks and still hurting

    I've been breastfeeding my little girl for 9 weeks now. I've been back to work for two weeks, where i pump every two to three hours or as needed. My milk supply is really good--problem is, I'm still feeling engorged after about two hours when I'm away from her. I went to my brother-in-law's birthday party last night, and in four hours, I had to go out to the car and pump twice because I was hurting so badly. My breasts are still getting hard as rocks and lumpy when they're full, and I'm prone to plugged ducts.

    Any advice on how to handle my fullness, or tips on when it might get better?

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    It sounds like you are experiencing some oversupply. Getting engorged every 2 hours must be tough, and making so much milk can certainly contribute to frequent plugs!

    When you're with your baby, are you using both breasts at feedings? How are her poops- is she having yellow, seedy/curdy poops, or greenish watery ones?

    Every time you get engorged and then pump to the point of feeling emptied out, you're telling your body "Keep up the good work, make the same amount again!" So one way to cope with oversupply is to pump less, perhaps just enough to relieve discomfort, but not much more than that. When your body detects extra milk sitting in the breast, it thinks "Time to slow down and produce less! The baby isn't drinking all this milk."

    A soy lecithin supplement may help cope with the plugged ducts.

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