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Thread: bottle nipple to use with OALD?

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    Default bottle nipple to use with OALD?

    I started pumping when DS was 3 days old becasue I had a great fear of not producing enough. I now have 35 bags of milk in the freezer and OALD! I have heard that babies of mothers with OALD are prone to prefer the bottle becasue of the slower flow of the nipple. Any suggestions of what type of nipple to use when I go back to work on January 4th? We have tried Avent bottles and he cannot latch on them, milk comes out of the side of his mouth. So far Medela bottles seem the best but he still eats very fast and spits up and chokes a great deal. He does not spit up or choke nearly as much on the breast now that I have started the one sided feedings and doing the breast compression while nursing that I read about here.

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    Default Re: bottle nipple to use with OALD?

    I found a NUK bottle (short and fat with a fat looking nipple) that really does seem to mimick the breast. I always found it odd that the bottle nipples were so small compared to a breast. With this one, dd nuzzles into it like it's my boob and it hasn't interferred with out breast feeding.


    This site is so you can see which nipple I'm talking about. NUK does have the skinny ones like the normal bottle nipples you find. But I like these better.

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    Default Re: bottle nipple to use with OALD?

    Are you using a slow flow nipple? Use the slowest flow ones you can find. If he's fine with the Medela, I might stick to that. Also, have you seen this link about bottle feeding a breastfed baby? That might help with him eating too fast and choking on the bottle flow:


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