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    Silly question but can I pump and then immediately bf my son? Do my breasts need time to refill? I'm trying to figure out how to get some milk stored up for when I go back to work. Also, will this cause over production? (my son is 4 weeks old)

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    Yes, you can bf your lo after pumping. Your breasts are always making milk, therefore there is always some milk for your baby.

    A great time to pump to start building your stash is in the morning. Most women find this is when their supply is at its best.

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    I also found that in the morning (the first feed) I was able to feed my lo off of ONE breast and the other breast I just pumped...so therefore I would get a good stash and feed my lo as well!

    I have read a lot of ladies do it after every feed and even if they only get an ounce, it is still more than they had if they didnt...

    but I dont see anything wrong with doing the opposite...but I would see how your lo reacts bec they might not like to work harder to get another let down...but there def will be enough milk in there bec a pump never empties a breast fully!

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