{The Spanish version of this media release is posted separately]


La Leche League International and Lansinoh launch
new Spanish version of Breastfeeding Protection
Initiative Cause Bracelet December 8, 2005,
Washington, DC— La Leche League International and
Lansinoh today announce the expansion of The
Breastfeeding Protection InitiativeÔ by offering
a Spanish version of the Encourage, Support,
Protect BreastfeedingÔ cause bracelet. Since
being launched in June 2005, over 18,000 English
breastfeeding bracelets have been sold. All
proceeds from the sale of both the English and
Spanish bracelets are going to La Leche League
International, who are using the funds to educate
and raise awareness of breastfeeding rights around the world.

Breastfeeding Protection Initiative(tm) Expands
with Spanish Language Cause Bracelet

Responding to calls for a Spanish language
bracelet to show support for Spanish-speaking
breastfeeding mothers and to raise much needed
awareness of breastfeeding rights, La Leche
League International and Lansinoh collaborated on the new bracelet.

“Given the fact that breastfeeding rates among
Spanish-speaking women are rising rapidly, it is
important for us to show our support for these
breastfeeding moms by having a Spanish
breastfeeding cause bracelet,” says Hedy Nuriel,
Executive Director of La Leche League
International. “Every breastfeeding mom and baby
should be protected by breastfeeding laws and we
feel that the awareness about the lack of this
protection should be raised in Spanish speaking
communities as well,” she added.

La Leche League International and Lansinoh
partnered together on The Breastfeeding
Protection Initiative because La Leche League is
the leading provider of comprehensive information
on breastfeeding rights. La Leche League
International, who next year will be celebrating
its 50 th anniversary, has a presence in 65
countries around the world helping mothers to breastfeed their babies.

As with the English language bracelets, all
proceeds from the purchase of the Spanish
language bracelets will go toward expanding
efforts to inform more people about breastfeeding
rights and to provide them with the tools they
need to become a force for change in their
community. In fact, funds raised through the sale
of the English language bracelets were used to
finance the production of the Spanish bracelets.

Why the Breastfeeding Protection Initiative(tm) Is Needed

Every mother should have the right to breastfeed
her child anywhere, anyplace, anytime with
confidence and without harassment. Yet today,
there are still many places that do not offer
mothers this protection. There is so much to be
done to change the way society views breastfeeding.

“With the growing body of evidence documenting
the preventative health benefits of breastfeeding
for both babies and mothers, it is foolhardy to
marvel at these benefits while preventing or
making it difficult for a mother to breastfeed
whenever and wherever her baby is hungry,” says
Resheda Hagen, who as a breastfeeding mother,
founded Lansinoh Laboratories over 20 years ago
to provide supportive products to other breastfeeding mothers.

How Citizens Can Be a Force for Change

Lansinoh and La Leche League International invite
you to join them in this ongoing campaign by
supporting the Initiative. Citizens and members
of the breastfeeding and health care communities
can show their support by purchasing, reselling
or giving out the Encourage, Support, Protect
Breastfeeding bracelets. All of these groups have
the power to engage their governmental
representatives to foster change and to make
breastfeeding rights a reality for every nursing mom and baby.

“We have been so pleased with the support the
Initiative has gotten thus far. But, we have more
work to do to educate people about breastfeeding
rights. It is not enough to just suggest legislation. Laws must be proposed,
enacted, and enforced so every breastfeeding
mother and breastfed baby are protected,” says
Gina Ciagne, Director of Breastfeeding Relations and Outreach for Lansinoh.

Media Contacts
Gina Ciagne
Director, Breastfeeding Relations and Outreach
(703) 2996462

La Leche League International:
Maria del Mar Mazza
Liaison/Global Hispanic Community
(630) 4671353

For more information on The Breastfeeding
Protection Initiative(tm) and to order Encourage,
Support, Protect Breastfeeding Bracelets in
English or in Spanish visit: http://www.LANSINOH.com or http://www.LALECHELEAGUE.org-