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Thread: how much expressed milk??

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    Default how much expressed milk??

    how much expressed milk does the average baby eat??? My little guy is 7wks. how many ounces should I put in the bottle? is the amount that I am pumping equivalent to the amount I should put in the bottle. I get quite a bit each time I pump....but it varies through out the day and day to day. (which I know is normal.) Should I put the average amount that I get in??? Thanks in advance for the help!!!

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    Is this because you are going back to work? The general rule is 1-1.5 ounces per hour you are away. It is easy to feed a baby more than that from a bottle, so be careful about overfeeding.

    Err on the side of less milk per bottle, so you waste less. A couple ounces per bottle is plenty to start!

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    i mostly EBF and I started with 2 oz and when up about a 1/2 oz each month and plateaued at 4-4.5 oz and my 11 mo old still takes that! It doesnt keep going up like a formula bottle..the contents/nutrition changes over time in BM to meet the needs of the baby!

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