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    hello ladies,
    i wahos wondering what is fenugreek.
    how can i buy it?
    is it worth?

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    Fenugreek is a herb use to boost your milk supply. You can probably buy it at any store that sell natural products or online. If you having supply issues is worth a try, it does have great results in a lot of moms especially when use in combination with other herbs like Blessed Thistle and/or Alfafa. You get best results with the capsules. But if you ain't having any supply issues I don't see a reason to buy it. Generally is a safe herb, the only contraindication is if you're pregnant and if you're diabetic you should be very cautious. A normal side effect is that your sweat and/or urine could smell like maple syrup, and/or loose bowel movements.


    Hey, you were due last month, right? How everything went?

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