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Thread: Great Eater does a 180 at 12 mos?

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    Default Great Eater does a 180 at 12 mos?

    My son has been wonderful, pretty much from day one. Everyone comments on what a great temperament he has.

    He was a GREAT EATER when we started solids at 6 mos. Ate everything. Now, right at 12 mos, he is a completely different child.

    He will eat yogurt and pancakes. That is it. Everything else, he takes one or two bites, tops, and then he starts spitting his food out into his hands and playing with it. Or else he tries to intercept the food en route to his mouth. I can't feed him anything but yogurt and pancakes. I started mixing cereal into the yogurt to get some vitamins in there, but this is obviously still not a balanced diet.

    He is nursing 3 times a day, but not really close to his solid food mealtimes.

    WHAT CAN I DO? I am losing it. Yesterday, I found myself holding his arms down so I could get ravioli into his mouth, and then trying to hold his hands back so he would swallow it before he stuck his hands in his mouth to pull it back out. So I decided that was silly and I am not doing that anymore. So now he's just not eating anything and I am worried about that now. I don't know what to do.
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    Default Re: Great Eater does a 180 at 12 mos?

    Relax. It is totally normal at this age to have your LO stop eating so much. Because at this age, they quit growing so fast, so they don't need as many calories anymore. Trust your LO to tell you when he's hungry. Believe me, they will not let you go without feeding them when they are! Here's a great book if you want a good read on the subject. It does a really good job of explaining what our LOs nutritional needs really are. It sure opened my eyes.

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    Default Re: Great Eater does a 180 at 12 mos?

    Yep, I agree with mama.p Try not to worry about it. We just had our 12 month ped visit and on the little handout they gave one of the first things it said was to expect a change in eating habits and that this reflects the decreased reate of growth that occurs over the course of the 2nd year.

    Try not to make eating a war zone. If he only want to eat pancakes and yogurt, go with that but keep offering other foods. Try mixing bananas, berries, purreed veggies into his pancakes and even into his yogurt. Try offering other foods when the yogurt and banana are not in his sight. Sometimes my boys will not eat other food if they know they are getting thier favorites at the same time. Maybe try offering smoothies - yogurt, fruit, a little juice and ice, blended. Also, offer a variety of foods all day long to snack on. Maybe just put them out on the coffee table or where he can maybe grab a bite as he goes by. Try using a fork. when Ryan (12 months) is done eating, if I get a fork and stab the food with the fork, then let him put it in his mouth, he will clear his tray! Also, sometimes if I just walk away and leave him alone to where I can see him, but I am not in his direct line of sight, I find that he will start eating again after I thought he was done. Does he have any new teeth or molars that might be coming in that are hurting his mouth - yogurt and pancakes are pretty soft and mushy and require little chewing if he mouth is hurting?

    Just try to relax, not force the issue, keep offering a variety of foods along with the staples you know he will eat, keep nursing him and he will eventually start eating again.

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