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Thread: Working Days and Nights!! Help!

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    Default Working Days and Nights!! Help!

    I'm going back to work on Dec 2nd and I work two weeks day shift and weeks night shift and each shift is 12hrs long. I'm in the military and they are pretty good about letting us express our milk, but I don't know what kind of pumping schedule to put myself on. Any suggestions??

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    Hi! I'm in the military as well, and I've had to work those kinds of schedules while pumping too. I switched back and forth between days and mids and I just pumped every 3 hours no matter what. It didn't seem to have an effect on my supply or anything.

    I know for me it was actually nice working mids because I didn't have to fight for a time slot in our nursing mothers' room.

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    yup every 3 hours is good advice.
    they say as often as baby would have nursed if you would have been together.

    You can do it!

    Don't be afraid to get ahold of your local leader she can help you sort out how and when to pump.

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