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Thread: Does breast milk seperate in fridge?

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    Question Does breast milk seperate in fridge?

    I'm a new mother and trying to get some milk stored up for when I go back to work so I've been pumping after my baby eats and making 4 oz bags. I've been putting the milk in a glass bottle after each pumping until I make 4 oz, which is normally 2 pumps, I'm not mixing the warm milk with the cold, I put them together when they are both cold. My question is that I've been noticing that my milk is seperating in the fridge, is this normal?

    Also, I have a stand-up freezer that I plan on keeping the milk in, do the same guidelines go for a stand-up freezer as with a chest freezer?


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    Yep, the cream rises to the top. Everything is fine.

    I think that the recommendations for a stand up freezer should be the same as a chest freezer, but I would put the milk into some type of container and have it buried in there so it doesn't get exposed to the warm air with the door being opened all the time.

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    Default Re: Does breast milk seperate in fridge?

    you can mix cold milk and cold milk. Is the freezer a deep freezer? If so it can be stored for 12 months in the deep freeze.

    Yes human milk will separate.

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    Milk DOES separate in the fridge. The fat goes to the top. You can gently mix the milk by inverting the container until the fat mixes back in. I do it all of the time. I collect for the day, then separate into bags at night and freeze.

    Not sure about the freezer, but other moms with comment (I know I've seen answers to similar questions).

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