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Thread: Blocked Duct....

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    Unhappy Blocked Duct....

    It appears I have a blcoked duct again. I am at work right now. Is there anything I can do while here to get it to unblock.hurt less?

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    Oh ouch! Can you fit some extra pumping into your workday today -- just on the affected breast. See if you can improvise a moist heat pack -- wet a towel with warm water, or wet it and warm it in the microwave (be careful, it can burn you!), and apply it to the area of the blocked duct for a few minutes every hour or two. Massage.

    Go home early if you can manage it and nurse nurse nurse tonight.

    You've had this before? Let's think about underlying issues that might be causing chronic blocked ducts. A poorly fitted bra? Any history of latch problems? Try adding some lecithin to your diet (available at health food stores).

    I hope others will add their suggestions and encouragement.


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    Default Re: Blocked Duct....

    I found that taking a nice warm shower worked great. Let the warm water just run on the affected breast. While the water is running, massage your breast from top to nipple --- imagine that you are pushing the plug out. Someone suggested to me using a comb and gently combing it out.

    The gerber soothies work great too. Just leave one on when you aren't nursing. (or rice in a sock.)

    I hope that you feel better soon. Plugged ducts stink. Just take care so it doesn't take a turn for the worse!

    Pump and nurse through it.

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