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Thread: pasta ok at 9 mos?

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    Default Re: pasta ok at 9 mos?

    I started DS on pasta at this age...He loved feeding himself...
    I give it to him with other finger veggies or fruits...

    We've made it 1 YEAR

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    great thread mine is only 7 mos but he is very eager for more & more lol
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    Default Re: pasta ok at 9 mos?

    DD started pasta around that age and LOVES it still. She eats it usually with regular jarred sauce on it. Roasted garlic and onion is her FAVORITE. She also really likes kidney beans in the sauce, so we do pasta fagioli a lot. Olive oil with a little garlic in it is also a big hit. She even likes it with some red pepper flakes (who knew?).

    I often used to add pureed veggies to her sauce when she was younger in order to get more veggie in there.
    I'm Melissa, DD (01/12/2009) weaned at a little over 2 1/2 years & DS (08/19/14) still going!

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