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    Any other working moms feel kind of lonely at LLL meetings? I just went back to my old meeting group as my 2nd child is due in a month. I went back to work when DD was 6 weeks and breastfed for 12 months. I was kind of depressed to see that the demographic hasn't changed much. They are all stay at home moms.

    While I can't say that anyone has ever made a disparaging remark about my choice to work and pump, I never feel like anyone at my meeting can relate to my situation. While I do enjoy meetings and it certainly reinforces my desire to continue breastfeeding, I never get information/support I am looking for regarding working and nursing. Unfortunately, this is the only LLL meeting in the evenings in my area, so this is my only option.

    I think working and nursing is a delicate dance and the only real resource I have found was 'Working Mother, Nursing Mother'. There should really be more help than that! Do you all know of any other good resources out there?

    Just looking for for some support as I start on this journey again...

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    I wish I did. I have found that most meeting around here are early in the day while I work, not much help. But generally I can still call and ask questions, but it would be nice to find a meeting at night. Sorry not much help, but it is nice to know someone is in the same boat.

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    I've been to daytime and evening meetings and I found that most women at the daytime meetings were stay-at-home moms OR were home on maternity leave (as I was at the time). However, at the evening meeting I go to now, I think it is mostly working moms. I find it very helpful! I'm surprised that your evening meeting isn't the same way. I think I may just live in an area where there are a lot of breastfeeding working moms! Well, at least you have this community online! We are here for you!
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    Where I am there are never evening meetings offered, even though there are 3 diff LLL groups.

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    There are some LLL Groups that have so many working mothers that the SAHM's feel left out. It really varies by area. You could ask your Leaders to put together an enrichment meeting for working mothers, so that you have a way to meet and support each other. If you'd volunteer to find the location, and help advertise, I'm hoping the Leaders wouldn't mind showing up!

    Have you looked at www.workandpump.com? How about joining some of the email lists for working and pumping mothers? Yahoo!groups has a few, and some of the blogging sites have support systems in place.

    Finding support for you is very important - get creative!
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