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Thread: Storing frozen EBM - 9 hour drive

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    Default Storing frozen EBM - 9 hour drive

    We will be traveling for Thanksgiving and I will be maintaining my regular nursing and pumping schedule. Right now, my supply is about 4 oz more per day than LO consumes so I freeze at least 4 oz a day if not more. I generall pump after he nurses to empty each breast. While we are home for the holiday I expect this to remain the same, but how do I get the milk back home? This will be the first time we are traveling and I have never transported EBM before.

    What are my options?

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    it sould be ok in a cooler packed with ice if its not frozen.

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    ! You should be just fine in a cooler, but don't use ice - use cold packs. Water melts before bm, so regular ice will actually warm your bm up. And pack the cooler tightly; if there's any extra air space fill it with newspaper.
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    How long are you going to be gone? Are you feeding bottles while you are out of town too? I would use the extra 4 ounces the next day each time so that on the last day you have a bunch of extra milk - and then not freeze it. Freeze it after you get home. Then you don't have to worry about it having thawed and refreezing.

    Agree with pp about how to transport it. I have tried to transport frozen milk in the car before and it always melts within about five or six hours. I guess I was doing it wrong.

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    Do you know where you can buy dry ice? This is what is usually used for shipping donated EBM that is overnighted. Worse case scenario, stop at a rest stop and buy extra cold packs if you're afraid it's starting to warm up. Most rest stops have ice packs for people on road trips and such.

    I like the idea of feeding the 4 oz the next day so that you have the freshest supply at the end. The only concern is that you'd be feeding more bottles- 1 the 2nd day, 2 the 3rd, 3 the 4th and so on and you'd be pumping in place of a feeding each day. You might want to just freeze it and use dry ice if you can.

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