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Thread: Update on me

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    Hey guys, in response to all...
    I was taking Lexapro, a new anti-depressant. My OBGYN told me it was safe during BF, but b/c it's new... I didn't want to risk it.
    I've been in counseling for my PPD for 6 weeks now.
    I just want everything to get back to normal! But I will never be single, without a child and young again (even though I'm 21, I feel like a little old lady, staying home on a Friday night!) Ahhhh! I know that at some point all this craziness will make sense to me.
    I just wish that my husband understood how hard this is on me, and the sacrifice I am making. He thinks I'm being "selfish" (b/c I'm relactating). If I was being selfish I wouldn't even care, or try!
    Sometimes I wish I could take the pump to him, on FULL BLAST!

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    Laurel, Gosh, I coulda wrote that myself! I am 20 (21 next month) and feel the same way some days!

    I am sending you a PM with my phone number. I know you're out in Silver Spring so we would have to plan a get together (nothing last min for you, I'm sure!) but maybe we could plan something for later this week or early next week. I have so much that I could share with you that may help.

    By the way, when I attempted this the first time, DS was 8 weeks old and my DH (dear husband) was the same way as yours is. It took me finally sitting down and showing him that it WAS possible and would help our baby for him to get it. He is my support, my rock now. He even stays up later at night to wake me for my 1st after midnight pumping. I tend to sleep through alarms, lol!

    A PM is on the way to you!

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