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Thread: why no warm to cold?

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    Default why no warm to cold?

    Mostly out of curiosity:

    I hear a lot of the time that you should never add freshly pumped milk to a cold container of milk already in the fridge.

    I understand that putting freshly pumped milk into a cold container of milk warms up the cold milk, but why is this so awful that it's a complete no-no? You've got people like Jack Newman saying that milk can stay at room temperature for hours without going bad. So warming up cold milk should clearly cut down on the number of hours it's good in the fridge, but make it completely bad? Is there something else that happens? Otherwise, I'm having a hard time buying this one.

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    Default Re: why no warm to cold?

    I've never heard that. I've heard you can't add fresh milk to frozen milk because it will thaw and then refreeze. I add fresh milk to refrigerated milk all the time, though.
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    Default Re: why no warm to cold?

    I have a hard time buying it, too. I think the risk is that by adding warm milk to cool milk you'll somehow foster bacterial growth, but I don't know why it's supposed to work that way. Also, if you get into the habit of pouring new milk onto old milk, I guess you'd run the risk of pouring brand new milk onto milk that's been sitting in the fridge too long, and then maybe feeding your baby some 10 day old milk that happens to be combined with new milk. But you'd have to be pretty sloppy to do that, I think!

    My LC said that it was perfectly safe to leave my pump set-up in the fridge, and pump new milk on top of old- but to do this only once before switching bottles and washing everything again.

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    Default Re: why no warm to cold?

    I kinda thought it was the same concept as not pouring hot liquid into raw eggs because they scramble a little. You have to temper them. That's just my unscientific opinion.

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