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    I've sterilized all my pump parts and my machine is ready to go. I plan to try and pump tomorrow morning after I feed my little guy the first time. I'm a little nervous!

    My question is this: Right now he nurses himself to sleep. Will he still sleep well after a bottle? He's been so consistent with eating until he sleeps that I'm not really sure how to tell when he's done if he isn't sleeping.

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    I assume that you're pumping to go back to work? It really depends on your caregiver. He/she will have to work out a routine with your baby that works for both of them. It's possible that he will "nurse" to sleep with the bottle, or they may work out other ways (rocking, etc.) that work while you are gone. Don't fret, mama, if you have a good caregiver, they'll figure it out!

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    It'll work out! Don't expect to pump a whole lot the first time and especially if you are pumping in addition to nursing (meaning your not replacing pumping with nursing, your adding a session). Your body might take awhile to get used to things! If there are just a few drops, that's totally fine.

    It's hard to say what he'll do! Here's a great article about bottle feeding the breastfed baby that might help. http://www.llli.org/llleaderweb/LV/LVIss1-2009p12.html

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    How old is your baby?

    Way too lazy for formula

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