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Thread: Won't open mouth to eat

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    Default Won't open mouth to eat

    My DD is just over 6 months old. I tried rice cereal at 4 1/2 months with no interest. She is starting to show interest, but barely opens her mouth to eat and doesn't seem too hungry when I try to feed her 2-3 times a day. I always feed her cereal/fruit at breakfast after BF her and then cereal/veggie 1-2 more times at lunch and/or dinner. Should I stop trying and try again in a few weeks?

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    Default Re: Won't open mouth to eat

    That's what I'd do, just try again in a few weeks. No rush!
    Solids are just for trying out right now, no need to feed a ton of meals unless you are planning on weaning soon (which at 6 months you wouldn't be). She's probably not very hungry, breastmilk is all she needs!

    Also my LO would NOT take food from someone feeding it to him. Mainly because he had a problem with mushy food, so he liked to feed himself. There's a ton about Baby led solids on here, you might give that a whirl.

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