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Thread: 8 week old frustrated at breast?

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    Default 8 week old frustrated at breast?

    My 8 week old baby has recently started fussing during nursing. He will squirm and sometimes vocalize. Originally I thought he was in pain (he does have reflux). However, he never cries. I also thought perhaps I have overactive letdown. However, he doesn't pull of coughing, choking, sputtering, etc. In fact, he usually doesn't squirm during letdown. Could he be frustrated that the flow is too slow? Yesterday morning he was so fussy I just switched to a bottle - he didn't move a muscle. I have tried nursing in similar positions (so that he is in the same position as when he takes a bottle) without success.
    Any thoughts and/or advice? Oh, I did have an oversupply/overactive letdown early on. Perhaps he got used to it?

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    Default Re: 8 week old frustrated at breast?

    Oh, I did have an oversupply/overactive letdown early on. Perhaps he got used to it?
    This is quite possible. If your supply has regulated itself and the OALD has subsided, your baby may be fussing because he's used to the fast flow and would like to have it back!

    I know it's tough to not give a bottle when you run into extreme fussiness, but if you can tough it out you may be rewarded. You don't want to get into a situation where your baby realizes "Hey, the sooner I throw a fuss, the sooner I get a nice easy bottle!" and starts rejecting the breast.

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    PP is right on. Try to keep nursing so he gets used to this new flow, and like pp said, he doesn't develop a preference for the bottle. A tip that could help is to not wait until the baby is starving, and to offer sooner.
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    My DD did this at the same age I also had oversupply and fast letdown and it regulated -causing her to be VERY frustrated. Just hang in there nursing and it will get better it only lasted for about a week and she became used to the new flow. I would just rock her a bit and then give her the breast after she calmed down . Try and stay relaxed even though it can be frustrating the more you relax the more easily the milk will flow. I was tensing up when she was getting so upset and when i started to relax more breath deeply it seemed to help the situation a lot

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