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Thread: Injured breast/pain help?

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    Default Injured breast/pain help?

    DD2 is 7.5 weeks. We use nipple shield and pump and use SNS.

    My 3yo accidentally gave me a WWF elbow to the breast last night (seven hours ago). I was laying on the couch and she was climbing and fell elbow first into my breast. She hit right below my nipple. A few hours later my breast is swollen and hard and is throbbing and killing me. It is kind of swollen and a little red. It might be bruising, I can't tell yet. I have pumped it twice (12am) and (3am). It did seem to get softer after pumping but it is so sore that it is hard to tell. I fed her once on it at 10pm and at the end of the feed I got the cold chills so bad I couldn't stop shaking for almost an hour. It was so freaky and weird. My temp was only 99.7 at that time. It is now 100.5. I am putting cool on it now and massaging it a bit.

    On a side note, I have been intertaining some mastitis on my other breast since Thursday. The fever was down and the redness was down so I assumed it was getting better. It still feels better. So I don't know if I could have passed it to the other breast??? I am pretty sure this is just related to the injury tonight.

    I don't feel like feeding her now. DH is feeding her a bottle while I pump. I am too sore from the violent shakes I had for an hour. I will feed her next time.

    But what should I do now and what is making the breast so hard? Did I injury a duct? I googled and searched LLLi.org but didn't find anything. I can't call my ibclc for another 5 hours so thought I would ask here.
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    Default Re: Injured breast/pain help?

    Wow, that sounds horrible! I don't have any experience with what you describe, but I wanted to make sure that this thread was bumped so that you got some good advice. Feel better!!

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    Default Re: Injured breast/pain help?

    ouch.. its realy ok to take what ever your doctor says is ok for pain....

    hope your fealing beter over night. IF not give your doctor a call, it sounds like you might need an anti-botic.

    More info here:


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    Default Re: Injured breast/pain help?

    Based on what you describe, I'm inclined to think that you now have mastitis in both breasts. Trauma to the breast can result in mastitis- if the injury causes swelling, inflammation, or perhaps some bleeding within the breast, that can cause a plugged duct. Once the duct is plugged, and can't be drained as effectively as it needs to be, it's not that hard for an infection to take root in the plugged area. Particularly, I think, if you already have some bacteria in your bloodstream from the mastitis in the other breast.

    This is a good link on plugged ducts and mastitis: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/mastitis.html
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    Default Re: Injured breast/pain help?

    Thanks girls. I think you are right about mastitis. The underside of my injured breast is now bright red, breast is huge, and after I pump the nipple and area around where pump was is swollen. It is hardish on the under side too.

    I called the midwife but I have to wait until in the morning to see her to get abx. I am worried about taking abx b/c I am allergic to a few of them. The benefits outweight the risks I guess.

    This really stinks. I am in so much pain. I don't know how I will make it through the night. Nursing on it is okay if she is calm but if she is fussy, oh my!

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