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Thread: Lipase questions

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    Default Lipase questions

    How long do I have to keep the milk to find out if it gets icky?
    Do I have to try some in the fridge and some in the freezer to be sure?
    Anything else I should check before building a freezer stash (I can't right now because we have thrush so I am doing homework)

    Since I didn't have issues last time I wouldn't epect to this time but Susan's experience got me scared.
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    Default Re: Lipase questions

    Sorry for scaring you

    I would keep some in the fridge either for the full 8 days or until you determine when it changes, if it does.

    I am not sure about the freezer. I had heard about mamas stashing it for weeks to months, not using it and then finding out that it tastes bad. Hopefully someone else can suggest, but maybe store a few bags and check then weekly

    Hopefully you don't have a problem. I was sure startled to develop issues so late in the game.
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    Default Re: Lipase questions

    You're smart to be checking now. I sure will check immediately next time. I didn't find out until Lilah was 12 months old and she is mostly drinking it, so I'm just not freezing it anymore. Mine went bad as soon as it was frozen. Thaw it out and it is so gross. It tastes like partially digested milk, which is what it is, I guess. Yuck! I also recently discovered that Thursday to Monday is ok but Thursday to Tuesday is NOT ok. I would just experiment. Next time I'll be doing some experiments and scalding milk.

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    Default Re: Lipase questions

    I had excess lipase last time ... so this time have been doing experiments:

    - 1 oz in the fridge and taste / smell every day
    - 1 oz frozen (a couple bags) and test after being in the freezer after 1 week, 2 weeks, etc

    We just did the 1st test of stored EBM and its looking like lipase again. Not a big deal - just need to go dig up the scalding instructions again.
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