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Thread: Suddenly fussy and impatient nurser

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    Default Suddenly fussy and impatient nurser

    Recently DD has become very fussy and impatient when nursing on my left side anytime I'm not really full. I suspect she gets frustrated when letdown takes a little longer on that side but I'm not sure. Is this common? She used to be a very content nurser but now tends to flail, wriggle etc. I am also having a hard time keeping her latched on well as she's pulling, moving and thus tends to readjust herself where she doesn't have as much breast in the mouth. How can I correct this (I'm not sore but want to prevent that from happening).

    She's almost 4 months so I know some of this behaviour is common but I want to make sure that I don't have a supply issue. I've always fed her on demand, and while her weight gain has slowed, she is still gaining (6 lbs. 2 oz when we left the hospital, almost 14 lbs now). I think she's having enough wet diapers but I'm going to do a quick count tomorrow to be sure.

    Any suggestions on how to get her back to nursing better? We do co-sleep part time. DD starts the night in her crib and then comes into bed with DH and I upon her first waking.

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    Default Re: Suddenly fussy and impatient nurser

    Sounds like the 4 month transition. The 4 month mark was full of transitions for most of the mommies I'm friends with. And, nursing changes was definitely one of them. It was an issue of distractions and impatience.

    Is your left side your "bad" side? My left side doesn't produce as well and takes longer to letdown so during the 4 month transition my DS was extremely annoyed when nursing on that side. Of course, that was compounded by his distractabilty too.

    It should pass. In the meantime, you might try switching sides once she fusses then returning to the left side once she's done with the right. I do this with DS to make sure he empties the left breast.
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    Default Re: Suddenly fussy and impatient nurser

    4 months is also primo growth spurt time and it's a biggie at 4 months because they are working on several milestones too.
    My first thought was that she is agressively nursing to boost your supply to meet her new need.
    Agree with PP wondering if your right breast is your "super boob" Anyhoo. This sounds EXACTLY like what happened with my LO and also my niece recently. No worries mama. I'd just keep working on the pesky latch.
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